Backlinking Services

Backlink Strategy Is The Top Factor Of Search Engine Ranking

Backlinking is the key element to getting your company, product, or service found on the internet. A well written article discussing a subject related to your company’s product or service is the perfect way to drive traffic to your website. Your company benefits immensely when a relevant article contains multiple links that point readers to your website and your social media accounts.

Do NOT Buy Backlinks

Buying backlinks is bad, and search engines may refer to them as “link farms”. These are low grade links that will actually hurt your business. When you buy back links, they will use generic, poorly written content that is in no way related to your business. You might own a roofing business, but they are posting your link in an article selling viagra or other pharmaceuticals. Google will penalize you pretty quick for this and ultimately you risk getting “sandboxed” which means banned.

So How Do You Acquire Quality Backlinks ?

With our service, we first write a well written article. This content will be strictly related to your business and your market. To avoid it being considered spam we do not “over promote” your business name aggressively, but rather we give the reader an option to click a link for more information. Search engines, blogs, and social media platforms love this method.





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