Best Steroid Alternatives: Are They Just Like Anabolic Steroids Without Side Effects?

Anabolic Steroid Alternatives  – also known as multi-ingredient pre-workout supplements – MIPS. Legal anabolic supplements formulated to help with bodybuilding. Anabolic supplements improve your stamina, performance, muscle growth and fat loss. 


The supplements market has thousands of options promising you your dream body after just a couple of weeks. 


You need to be wary about such claims because most of them are anabolic-androgenic steroids. 


Primarily made from anabolic-androgenic materials causing damage to your internal organs. It leads to a variety of nasty side effects which may have long-lasting impacts on your life and health. 


Steroid Alternatives, on the other hand, don’t have any side effects. Containing natural materials tested and proved safe to the body and they won’t affect any of your vital organs either.  


In this piece, we will take a deeper look at some of the best Steroid Alternatives. It’s a helpful list if you need a thorough understanding of the steroids you will be investing in.


Best Steroid Alternatives of 2020

#1. Diandrobol – The Most Popular Legal Dianabol Alternative That Exists


Diandrobol is the legal alternative for Dianabol. It is an extremely popular steroid among those looking to gain more strength and muscle mass. 


As an alternative to the popular Dianabol steroid, it has managed to successfully replicate the actions of Dianabol without causing any of the negative side effects. 


It is manufactured by Muscle Labs USA – a highly reputable supplement manufacturer. Hence, its efficiency, legality, and efficacy are not in any doubt.  



Easy fat cutting

Faster muscle gain

Enhances the testosterone levels

Can be easily stacked with other steroids

It is 100% natural and safe


Available only from the official website

Required that you take in larger doses to see some meaningful gains

Diandrobol Ingredients

Formulated from a carefully crafted list of natural ingredients with no use of any harmful additives.

How Diandrobol Works

Diandrobol’s unique combination of ingredients help you build more muscles and gain strength through the following approaches:


Increasing the body’s nitrogen retention capacity through the actions of Valine and Isoleucine

Boosts the synthesis of protein which, in turn, helps to build leaner and stronger muscles

Increases testosterone levels in the blood for enhanced physical performance

Reduces the production of the hormone ‘serotonin’ which then helps to reduce stress and fatigue associated with workouts.

How to Use Diandrobol

It is recommended that you take three capsules of Diandrobol every day, at least 45 minutes after you are through with your workout session. 


You may also take one capsule of Diandrobol one hour before you start your workout session and the remaining two capsules 45 minutes after you are done with your workout session.


Who should use Diandrobol?

This steroid is the best for anyone looking for a legal and safe alternative for Dianabol. Bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and weight loss fanatics are free to use it. 


However, people below 18 years and those on any form of medication for various conditions should stay away from this steroid.


Diandrobol Side Effects

Diandrobol doesn’t have any known side effects since it is made from 100% natural ingredients. However, if you notice anything out of the ordinary, stop the intake and seek medical attention immediately.


Where to buy Diandrobol and Deals

Diandrobol is available from the official website – www.Muscle Labs One bottle contains 100 capsules and costs $55. With the current deals, you get one bottle free of charge on the purchase of two bottles.


#2. Testosterone-1 – The Most Popular Legal Testosterone Booster Used By Competing Athletes


Testosterone-1 is currently considered as the best steroid in the supplement industry.


Manufactured by Muscle Labs USA – a leading sports and fitness supplements manufacturer based in the United States.


Made from highly potent natural ingredients and has been tested and proven to be safe. Hence, users don’t have to worry about any harmful side effects.


Testosterone-1 is usually considered as the best legal alternative for Sustanon, especially for users keen on boosting their testosterone levels.



Helps in muscle building

Made from natural ingredients

Boosts testosterone levels in the body

Enhances libido and sexual performance

Increases energy and elevates mood

Huge discounts when purchasing many bottles

Brings noticeable results faster



Available only on the official site

Expensive when you purchase just one bottle

You must take four capsules at a time for significant results

Testosterone-1 Ingredients

Testosterone-1 is formulated with a total of 11 natural ingredients.


All of these ingredients have been tested and verified by third-party labs and research institutions. It’s certified as having the highest potency and is safe for human use. Testosterne-1 includes the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients.


How Testosterone-1 Works

Testosterone-1 works mainly by boosting the levels of testosterone hormone in the body. Testosterone is highest in the body when you are in your 20s, but the levels begin to decline as you age.


This is usually as a result of constant pressure and stress occasioned by lifestyle and work. It leads to fatigue, depression, low libido, accumulation of body fat, and lack of focus.


Testosterone is believed to improve the libido levels by up to 45%, leading to a variety of positive improvements in your life. The effects include-: high libido increased sexual performance, increased muscle gain, stronger and longer erections, improved mood, better sleep, better strength, and high levels of energy.  


How to use Testosterone-1

One bottle of Testosterone-1 contains 60 tablets. The manufacturer recommends that you take four capsules every day, preferably 20 minutes before breakfast.


Testosterone-1 Side Effects

If you use the supplement as recommended by the manufacturer or as directed by your doctor, then there are no known side effects you will experience.


Where to buy Testosterone-1 and deals you can get

The only two places where you can get genuine Testosterone-1 is from Amazon and the manufacturer’s website – One bottle retails for $55, but if you want a good deal purchase multiple bottles or go for one of the combos.


#3. Clenbuterall- A legal Clenbuterol Alternative


Clenbuterall is another legal steroid that has been proven to be deadly effective in fat burning. 


The supplement is manufactured by Roar Ambition. It was initially developed for MMA fighters and professional boxers.  The goal was to help them burn stubborn fat, increase metabolism, reduce hunger cravings, and increase their energy levels.



Made of highly effective ingredients

All the ingredients are 100% natural

Enjoys thousands of positive reviews

Has a 90-day money-back guarantee



Contains a large amount of caffeine

It is relatively expensive

Clenbuterall ingredients

Contains ten powerful natural fat burners that will help you torch even the most stubborn fat and boosts your weight loss journey.


How Clenbuterall Works

Formulated to help you reduce fat using a 3-pronged approach as follows-:


Boosts metabolic rate – A slow metabolic rate makes it difficult for your body to burn the stored fat and release energy into your system. 


Designed to increase the metabolic rate so that the body becomes more effective in burning fat, making it easier for you to achieve your dream body.


Reduces appetite – Some of the ingredients used are very good appetite suppressants. 


They will make you feel full most of the time, hence, compelling you to consume fewer calories which will in turn help you shed off some pounds.


Improves your energy levels – With Clenbuterall, you won’t be tired or lethargic due to a lower intake of calories. 


Its ingredients will not only fire up your metabolism but will also fuel your body’s energy reserves.  It ensures that you have all the energy you need for your workout sessions as well as normal daily activities.


How to use Clenbuterall

The manufacturer recommends that you should take one -two capsules an hour before working out.


Clenbuterall Side Effects

Though made from 100% natural ingredients, some users have reported certain side effects after using Clenbuterall


These side effects were mostly experienced during the early days of using the supplement. They include-:






If the symptoms persist, don’t hesitate to seek medical advice.


Where to Buy Clenbuterall and Deals

The best place to buy Clenbuterall is from the official manufacturer’s website – 


You can get a one month supply for only $55, however, the more bottles you purchase, the cheaper it becomes. Delivery is free in the United States.


#4. Winsdrol – The Best Legal Winstrol Alternative


Winsdrol is the legal alternative to Winstrol and it is one of the most effective, safe, Steroid Alternatives you will find in the market today. 


It is one of the latest products by Muscle Labs USA and it has already made a name for itself. This is thanks to the wonderful results users have noticed after just a few weeks of using it.



It is a legal muscle-building steroid

It is made from 100% natural ingredients

You don’t need a prescription to use it

Ideal for building sustainable muscle bulk

Doesn’t have any serious side effects



Results come in slow

Winsdrol Ingredients

Winsdrol, made of natural ingredients in a potent mix, formulated to give great results without any serious side effects. Ingredient features the highest quality pharmaceutical grade supplements.

How Winsdrol Works

There are various ways through which Winsdrol works to bring forth the enviable results that bodybuilders yearn for. 


One of its modes of operation is to boost the metabolic and thermogenesis rates to promote faster fat burning. It also reduces the water retention capacity of the muscles. 


Removal of water from the muscles helps to get rid of stubborn fat that may still be present in the muscles after a heavy workout. This leads to strong and lean muscles every day.


How to use Winsdrol

The manufacturer recommends that you should take 1-2 capsules of Winsdrol an hour before working out.

For better results, you should take Winsdrol for two months, then take a break of one and a half weeks before you begin the next cycle.


Who should use Winsdrol?

Both men and women are free to use Winsdrol. Used at any stage of training, though it is highly recommended that you should use it at the very onset of your training. 


The use of the steroid, however, prohibited for people under the age of 18 years, pregnant and lactating mothers. Individuals currently on medications for conditions such as diabetes, and heart conditions among others.


Winsdrol Side Effects

Since it is a primarily 100% natural formula Winsdrol has very few, if any, side effects. If you use the supplement as recommended and without any abuse, then you shouldn’t expect any adverse side effects. 


However, if you notice anything out of the ordinary when you start using the supplement, you should stop immediately and seek medical advice.


Where to buy Winsdrol and Deals you can get

Winsdrol is available from the official manufacturer’s website – www.Muscle Labs A single bottle retails for $55. However, when you buy two bottles, you get one bottle free.


#5. Trendrolone – The Best Legal Trenbolone Alternative


Trendrolone closes our list of the best Steroid Alternatives. It is a product by a now-familiar name – Muscle Labs USA. It is a legal alternative to Trenbolone. 


As a legal alternative to Trenbolone, it has successfully managed to recreate the nice androgenic effects associated with Trenbolone. All that without causing any of the deadly side effects of the androgenic steroid. 


It is regarded as one of the best options you will ever get for bulking and cutting. It comes with the promise of immense muscle gains, an increase in strength and power, faster healing, and great physical conditioning among others.



Faster results

Ideal for both bulking and cutting

Has no adverse side effects

Leads to immense muscle gain

Increases strength and power

Promotes faster recovery and healing

Leads to great physical conditioning



Available only from the official manufacturer’s website


How Trendrolone works

Trendrolone is designed to increase the muscle’s ability to retain more proteins and nitrogen. With the muscles having access to more nitrogen and protein, nothing hampers their growth. 


Nitrogen is necessary for both muscle growth and healing, and also to maintain an anabolic state. During exercise, a lot of nitrogen is expelled from the body, yet this is when it is needed the most to help with the synthesis of proteins to ensure continued muscle growth.


Trendrolone also promotes the flow of oxygen to the muscles by boosting the production of red blood cells. Extra oxygen is usually needed by the muscle during workouts to allow for more strength and power. This is what usually leads to awesome vascularity that most people admire in bodybuilders.


How to use Trendrolone

The manufacturer recommends that you should take 1 capsule per day with water at least 45 minutes before starting your workout session. 


On the days that you will not be working out, you should take one capsule with all the main meals for the day. 


For better results, you should stick to this supplement for at least two months. Additionally, you should combine it with a good diet and a proper workout regime.


Who should use Trendrolone?

Trendrolone, used by all adults who need a legal, healthier, and safer way for their cutting and bulking cycles. However, not recommended for those suffering from any medical condition, unless under their doctor’s instructions. Not for minors, pregnant and lactating mothers, and those who are currently on medication.


Trendrolone Side Effects

Trendrolone doesn’t have any unpleasant side effects. It’s an immense help for your bulking and cutting cycles. 


You can expect to notice the incredible fat loss, increased muscle mass, increase in energy, and a lot of physical strength for explosive training sessions.


Where to buy Trendrolone and deals you can get

Trendrolone is available from the official manufacturer’s website – www.musclelabsusa. A single bottle retails for $55. 


However, you can choose to save by buying bulk. For instance, when you buy two bottles of Trendrolone, you will get an additional bottle free.


Why you should stick to Natural and Steroid Alternatives

Anabolic steroids are very powerful and they can give excellent results within a very short span of time. However, they are very dangerous to your health. Hence, it is recommended to stick only to legal and natural steroids. Some of the potential pitfalls you are likely to run into when using anabolic steroids include but are not limited to-:


Kidney problems, including kidney failure

Damage to the liver and the formation of liver tumors

High blood pressure

Enlarged heart

Decreased breast and growth of facial hair in women

Development of breasts in men

Male pattern baldness in women

Acne and other skin conditions

Different Legal Steroid Stacks You Can Buy

The products from Muscle Labs USA are available in three categories of bulking, cutting, and strength. Here is a brief overview of the Muscle Labs USA Stacks-:


Bulking Stack

Designed to help you grow muscle mass, increase strength, and reduce the recovery time. In this stack, you will find Testosterone-1, Deccabolan, and Diandrobol.


Cutting Stack

Cutting stack is to help you burn body fat, gain strength, and maintain lean muscles. Some of the steroids you will find in this category include Winsdrol, Testosterone-1, and Oxanivar.


Strength Stack

If you want to maintain your hard-earned muscles and the strength you have gained over time, then this is the right stack for you. In this stack, you will find supplements such as Testosterone-1, Trendrolone, Anadroll, and Diandrobol.


Growth Hormone Stack

Growth Hormone Stack is for you if you want to see more muscles and an increase in your strength. In this stack, you will find steroids such as Testosterone-1, Clenbuterall, Deccabolan, and Diandrobol.


Conclusion: Should you go for Steroid Alternatives Instead of Anabolic Steroids?

 If you love your health and you would like to burn fat, build muscles, and increase strength by using steroids, then your focus should always be on Steroid Alternatives. There is simply no justification to use androgenic steroids which will harm the human body in a variety of ways. Steroid Alternatives are a boon for the user due to its excellent results and zero side effects, resulting in an amazing body that is also healthy from within.

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